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. Everybody needs a boat now and then. Here are a couple I bought on clearance from a Hobby Lobby (maybe a Michael's). I forget what I paid for them, but they were cheaper than dirt. They'd both been marked down several times, and I got 50% off that. What a deal!

The canoe has awesome detailing. This looks just like the size a RCMP Mountie (Palitoy muscle body moving eye guy pictured) would use to travel the rivers and lakes of Manitoba in search of outlaws and to patrol the rugged outdoors in Canada. Note the canoe has great detailing, including individual ribs, wooden seats, and great detail at the bow and stern.

Here's the fishing boat/rowboat. It, too, has incredible detail. The whole boat has a varnished look. All it needs is a 1:6 outboard motor circa 1956, and it'll look ready to take fishin' right into a painting by Rockwell!

I was in the middle of rebuilding an AT gorilla boat when I discovered these. The gorilla boat had some soft plastic spots (melt areas) that I cut out and replaced with sheet plastic and Green Stuff putty. You can see the white spots in the hull (center boat, below). There's not much point in trying to rebuild the gorilla boat now, so I'm planning to just give it a camo job and turn it into a duck hunting boat.

Compared to the other boat and the canoe, the Land Adventurer might as well give up! The original AT boat can't compete with either one of these!!!

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